Happy is the real Healthy

“Pooja is one of the most gifted  healer I have ever encountered. She has a deep soulful presence that is catalyst to authentic empowerment emerging in others!
Thank you dear!”
~ Haya Winiraz, Israel

Pooja has an innate ability to bring you to yourself, to your own inner knowing and peace. It’s easy and natural to heal in her presence, she brings her inner wisdom to tat and can skillfully guide you.

~ Tapas Fleming, California, USA

Living Your Truth

All healing is coming back to the truth of ‘who we really are’. Physical body is a reflection of your relationship with YourSelf. This means that the pain, imbalance or dis-ease of the Body is a reflection of the pain, imbalance and lack of ease or dis-ease in your life experience. When you are totally being yourself or Living Your Truth. You feel Alive, Joyful and full of Energy. This is the cornerstone of Vibrant Health.

Celebrate the truth of who you are and the oneness we are!