About Me

My name is Pooja Miglani. I am a student of life, healer, teacher, intuitive, seeker, finder, philanthropist, artist, dreamer, explorer and a lot more. I am into some form of healing or the other for last 20+ years. My impatience for results and a built-in bull-shit detector kept me looking for a wider variety of solutions.

Why I do this – It started off to find answers to my own pain, depression and restlessness. Now, I do this for the sheer awe inspiring beauty of transformations that come through. To uncover the wisdom that is deep within every wound and love that always flows in the very essence of our being.

I have come to understand and know
  • What appears on the surface is never the real issue, rather a solution to some deeper problem.
  • Everything, we tend to see as a problem is actually an invitation to something bigger, a better way of being in the world.
  • When there seems no solution at the physical level, there is always (not just one, most of the times – many solutions) at the energetic level, that is, at the level of emotions, thoughts or identity, which is our notional sense of self – who we think we are.
  • Given the right kind of support, time and love can heal just about anything.
  • There is no problem without a solution already in it
  • Its not just about solving a problem but evolving out of it, in other words, becoming a person who would never have anything like that ever again.
  • That life is happening for us, not to us. The universe is indeed a friendly place.


In my quest for a joyful life, I read a lot and did a few certifications:

  • Certified in EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique @ https://aametinternational.org/ [Trained by – Valarie Lis]
  • Certified in TAT – Tapas Acupressure Technique @ Tatlife.net/ [Trained by – Tapas Fleming]
  • Certified Emo Master Practitioner @ www.Goe.ac/ [By – Silvia Hartman]
  • Certified Life Force Energy Healer @ http://www.deborahkingcenter.com/ [By – Deborah King]
  • Trained in Magnified Healing @ http://www.magnifiedhealing.com/
  • Certified Master Spiritual Healer @ http://www.shivyogindia.com/ [By – Avdhoot Shivananda]
  • Certified Master Siddha Healer @ http://www.shivyogindia.com/ [By – Avdhoot Shivananda]
  • Certified Reiki Grandmaster @ http://www.theinnerwisdom.org/ [By – Dr. Madabusi Subramaniam]
Yet, nothing compares to the wisdom of heart and inner resources coming out of true self alignment.
I still love reading about the leading edge research in – Energy Psychology, Energy Medicine, Psychotherapy, Epi-genetics, psychoneuroimmunology, Research from Heart-math institute, Science of spontaneous remissions, Intention Experiments, Intersection of Consciousness and neuroscience, Meta medicine, Morphic Resonance, Positive Psychology, Philosophies from eastern and western spiritual traditions and few more things.

Also, interested in other healing related disciplines like – Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Ericksonian hypnosis, Family Constellations, Internal Family Systems, Body Dialog, Mental Imagery, Neuro Linguistic Programming and various forms of Psychic healing.

Software engineer by background and now I am a full-time debugger of the perspectives and paradigms that keep nice people in pain or struggle.

How can I help you

  1. Each person is unique, so is your perspective and so is your pain. Your biggest in-the-face challenge is most often the next big leap in your own personal and spiritual growth. Even if you don’t consider yourself a spiritual person, there is a wealth of wisdom, love and inner-power in all of us.
  2. Together, we connect the dots of the physical or emotional challenge that you are facing to the unresolved emotions from your past and beliefs or mindsets underneath it.
  3. I take you through various processes to release, transform, integrate, reconcile, re-frame or shift those patterns of lack, limitation or separation.
  4. There are often a few iterations of step 2 & step 3 before all of the issue is gone.
  5. This results in varying degrees of profound inner shifts or a renewed relationship with who you are and how you choose to be in this world.
  6. The healing does not interfere with any of other medications or meditations that you might be following, rather it will hasten the outcome.
  7. You don’t have to believe in any of my methods or any of the tools in order to let them work for you,  just keeping an open mind is enough.

My Story

Who am I? Why am I here? Why we suffer? Is God a sadist? Those were the questions of an adolescent girl who was blessed with severe Migraine headaches. It was failure of contemporary medicine system that made me extremely helpless. I call it a blessing now because that was the biggest turning point of my life. It made me seek answers to those big questions of life.

I was deeply interested in Physics and loved to understand the phenomenon of world around us. I got professional qualification in Engineering, which gave me ample ground to balance science and spirituality, left and right brain. During that time, a saint said to me –“Anyone who has got right understanding, can not suffer in any way.”

Those words still sink deep into my heart, they resonate with me like a long lost truth. My seeking all these years has been about finding that ‘right understanding’ for which ‘healing’ is a by-product.

My college days were full of depression. In order to heal myself, I started learning various healing techniques. For last more than two decades, I have experienced amazing results with these healing modalities, not just on myself but also hundreds of people I worked with. But, none of these tools was consistent and 100% reliable. Meanwhile, I worked at 3 differnt corporate jobs for almost 11 years. My not-so-regular meditation practice helped me retain my sanity through some of the highly challenging times of my life.

I saw first-hand, how we create our reality and how every single mental belief becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. I experienced for myself how mental and emotional patterns, not only reflect in our behavior and psyche but also precipitate in body to take shape of dis-ease. I began to trust my own intuition and read the universe on an energetic level.

Who am I – does not have an answer for the head, because mind does not understand the language of paradoxes. It is to be experienced living every moment in the heart that knows eternally. 
I owe great thanks to many teachers who helped me shift my life to Joy.

Each one of us is a unique expression of the consciousness itself, the entire ‘uni-verse’ is ‘one-song’. In embracing every single aspect of ourselves, our very own human-ness, we taste the transcendent. Each of us chose a different music to orchestrate, a different equation to solve, a different story to live, a different picture to paint. My intention for each one of us is to live in joy and grace.