What is in-curable, can be cured from the in-side


Physical Health

Living with an unpleasant physical condition whether it is pain or limitation, can become a source of massive distress.

You might have already tried conventional medicine, alternative treatments or even using faith and meditation.

Most of these approaches fail because they do not bring in all aspects of you (Body-Mind-Emotion-Self) together in one communion. The very act of bringing all estranged parts of you begins the process of healing and opening possibilities that were not known before.

What you really need to do is ask for more!  Not just relief, but to feel whole again.

You are in the right place

  • If you know that your health condition has a stress connection i.e., its psychosomatic
  • Or your condition does not show-up on the medical tests
  • Does not respond to conventional medicine or you get only a temporary relief
  • Your condition was first diagnosed within a year of an unsettling or traumatic event
  • You are interested in understanding how changing your mind can heal your body
  • You are tired of band-aid solutions and are looking for real lasting results

Not quite, if…

  • You want to avoid your suppressed emotions at any cost
  • You think that your point of view is the only correct or true point of view
  • If you are okay living your life as per others expectations from you
  • You are okay popping a pill rather than let go of unhealthy mindset or stuck emotions
  • You are not willing to discover what is actually true for you
  • Your condition does not allow you to participate in the healing process

Take your first step to healing right now…

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I was struggling with hard times of my life, having low-esteem, low-energy, body aches, weight gain and hopelessness. My doctor diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and said that I have to live with it for the rest of my life. I was out of all that physical and emotional chaos within 5 sessions commenced in less than 2 months. It is almost a year now and I am a totally different person. I no longer relate to that older self of me. Any words of appreciation are less than my feelings of gratitude!

~ Neeru Aseem, Brampton, Canada