While the issues we go through can be infinitely varied, the healing mostly occurs at either (or all) of these 4 levels:

Physical – example – I had this pain, I no more have this pain.
— The physical healing is just the relief or disappearance of the symptoms. It could be medicine/ herbs or some form of body or energy work, like a massage/ chiropractic realignment/ reiki etc.


Emotional – example – I realized that my back pain had some stuck emotions from my childhood, when my family had no support from our community in the time of need.
— This healing is a relief or disappearance of the symptoms from both physical and emotional body. It could be any form of body or energy work, like a massage/ chiropractic realignment/ reiki etc. That childhood incident has no more any emotional charge to it. The body has released a painful incident from its cellular memory.


Psychological – example – I now understand, how I was subconsciously actually wanting to stay sick. Realigning my thoughts and releasing my emotions, I no longer have those symptoms.
— The psychological healing is relief or disappearance of the symptoms from the physical, mental & emotional bodies. It could be as a result of an epiphany/ deeper understanding/ shifting perspective/ negative or unhealthy belief etc. The shift could have happened on its own or because of the use of some energy work like healing/ energy medicine/ energy psychology tools that bring about cognitive shifts (like eft or tat) etc. This level of healing is transformative. The situation may just resolves itself/ may still be the same/ may not necessarily feel like a problem anymore and you see it in a whole new light, in a whole new way. You may see a deeper usefulness or purpose of the issue. Things just make sense, you realize the power of your own mind and perspectives you behold.


Identity – example – All these years, I have seen myself as a giver in the relationship. But all that giving was actually a kind of receiving at a deeper level. I don’t see myself as a giver or receiver, may be I am neither or both.
(I know, this was deep so here’s another example) – Knowing what I now know about my pain, I see that I am not really a victim here.
— This level of healing is the deepest level of healing or transformation. There is a renewed sense of ‘who you are’ or personal identity that is more loving/ lighter/ better/ wiser/ all encompassing etc. Most profound changes happen with this level of healing. You are not the same person who started the process of healing. Now, this is what I call ‘spiritual’ healing – you get a step closer to the truth of who you really are. The problem is no more relevant/ important enough. The relief of renewed identity is far more fascinating than the initial issue/ complaint/ problem. Rather, people often have a sense of gratitude for the issue.


After so many years of facilitating the healing work, I still do not know how deep will it go for a person. Sometimes, I can see it far deep down to their sense of self, but the person may not be ready or willing to go there. It is not for me to decide to take you there. At the end of the day, I respect your choices and honor your path.