We experience our thoughts as electrical impulses in the brain cells (neurons). Every thought generates an emotion almost simultaneously. We experience emotions as body-sensations.
Every emotion is a disruption in the magnetic energy field of our body. The stronger the emotion, the stronger is the deviation from the naturally well aligned mind-body system.

Whenever we experience the outside world from any of our senses (see/ smell/ taste/ touch/ hear/ think/ dream) we have both thoughts and emotions.
When the underlying thought is in alignment with our inner truth, the emotion experienced is positive and life affirming. But if the underlying thought is in contradiction to our Inner-Truth, the emotion experienced is uncomfortable.


We can not reach a state of authentically positive & healthy experience of life by
— Denying (I don’t want to think about that/ that’s not the case or not important)
— Suppressing (It will somehow go away on its own)
— Expressing (lashing out in anger/ acting out in greed etc.)
— Numbing out (I don’t need to feel it)
— Brooding on the negative emotions

We can use our emotions as a guidance by:
Not trying to push them away and let it unravel itself, so we can course-correct our thinking & align it with our own inner truth.

Now every time we experience a negative emotion, we can trace it back to the underlying thought …. that is not in alignment with our inner truth. This is like debugging the mental stuff that can be rectified for a positive experience next time. Because our reality is a reflection of our expectations, perspectives, paradigms, beliefs etc.

The thought will feel true as there may be life-experiences to support it. Remember, it may ‘feel true’ but it is actually just a conclusion we have drawn out of the negative life-experience. You can use the Inner-truths listed above to find the discordant thought or… reach a point where you are stuck with an ‘opinion’ and taking it as a ‘fact’.
Now we have the bugging thought in clear-sight. We can clear out the negative emotional association with it using any of the tools (writing while feeling the truth in the body/ eft/ tat/ sedona method/ asking relevant questions/ looking at it differently)

When the thought no more ‘feels true’ we can choose to ‘feel the feeling’ of the corresponding inner-truth.

For example : Jealousy
Jealousy is an interesting emotion… it says – I don’t have what they have & I don’t like it.
On the surface, it feels bad & sometimes even makes people do things that they would normally never do.
Next time, when you are experiencing jealousy…. If you will observe the conversations going on in your head… there is an undercurrent thought that says -I can not have that!
(Have you ever been jealous of people who have electricity at home/ who have got a television…. no. never… Not until you can not have that … there is no jealousy!)
So, now you have life experience or circumstances to support your thought of “I can not have it”, then it feels TRUE . Think again… It feels true, that I can not have it… or Is that TRUE or just a reflection of your memories?

When we work with the energy of jealousy it transforms the underlying thought of “I can’t have it” into “I can be happy without having it” or “I can also have it”.
The energy of jealousy then becomes the energy of “Inspiration” and your thoughts will reflect that. Now, when you look at someone who has something you like & you don’t have…
The new thought that pops up now says… WoW, I’d like to have that!

This is not positive thinking, we can not talk ourselves out of something or into something else without addressing its underlying energy.
If your jealousy is mild, this awareness can help you change that feeling… but if you have circumstantial evidence to prove “I can not have it”, then it may need a little more work.

So, the Gift of Jealousy is Inspiration 🙂