Persistent sadness or commonly called as Depression
People who experience persistent sadness or depressing feelings tend to withdraw, be disengaged, hopeless, and loose interest or pleasure in normal everyday activities. They become completely self-absorbed and feel no need for help from others. They feel others should change, not themselves. The thought always associated with depression is ‘way out of the situation is not possible’. Then the mind holds on to every associated negative thought. The accumulation of self-destructive thoughts gets heavier and heavier. This can escalate to the point where person is in a state of total self-rejection and becomes suicidal.

Depression is not the real problem, rather solution to a deeper problem that is the feeling of pressure, especially emotional pressure.
In my experience, there are at least 3 core issues leading to depression:

First one is the most common, that is coming from a wounding around the person’s relationship with opposite sex parent. It could be because of rejection, injustice, abandonment, humiliation or a sense of betrayal experienced in early childhood. Most effective approach for this type of depression is to connect with the inner-child.

Second one is a typical outcome of ‘self created or self-imposed rules’. These rules usually operate at a sub conscious level, hence difficult to detect by oneself. They could be coming from ancestral patterns, past life vows or contracts. There is a sense of both resistance and righteousness about it. Some aspect of life or a relationship becomes like a necessary evil, hence a cause of depressive feelings.

The third one is deepest and the one that takes most time to heal. It’s the feeling of existential angst. Like me, I was depressed all my college years. My depression was mostly because of spiritual unrest and lack of direction thereof. Mostly termed as longing or existential suffering. My biggest relief came from working on myself over years in the areas of self-identities, self-acceptance, self-experience or self-realization and self-expression.

For any kind of depression help is always available, all you need to do is reach out!