Emotional Well-being

Emotions are our instincts, information for both surviving and thriving!

Each and every emotion from anger to sadness, from rage to envy, from fear to despair has a positive intent for us. Living in an emotion-shaming culture we lost the guidance, information and inner directions that these so called negative emotions bring.
A healthy flow of emotions can help you navigate a difficult situation with ease
For example, If you have a presentation tomorrow that you need to prepare for, a healthy level of anxiety will bring energy for you to get up & get going, either plan, prepare, review or practice, whatever needs to be done.
Similarly, a healthy amount of shame will stop you when you are about to do something inappropriate like teasing someone unnecessarily or being disrespectful.
Regret, when received well, will helps you to make amends and ensure that you do not repeat the same mistake again.
Anger can help us become assertive and bring our attachments to an optimal level.

Strong and out of proportion emotions can sap our health, relationships and joy of living.

The healthy flow of emotions gets disrupted mostly because of adverse childhood experiences or social conditioning.
        Like food and water, not just provide satisfaction in the moment, they are also nourishment for staying alive. Similarly understanding emotions, does not just bail you out of situations but it is the basis of clarity about purpose and meaning of your life. Well regulated emotions add maturity beyond any age.

Begin your emotional alchemy right now

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I am so thankful for the healing that I received from you!! I feel wonderful, I feel as though the everyday things that were keeping me down are now easier to cope with and I have less of a desire for turmoil and hardship. You were so kind and friendly, I felt that I could be myself without judgement or pressure to be someone that I am not. Again thank you so much for your kindness!! Much love and gratitude <3

~Renee Poole, Seaward, Alaska