How do you know when you are hungry or sleepy? very simple… Your body tells you.
How do you know if you like standing in nature where there is plenty of fresh air or by the side of a busy road with lots of noise, traffic & pollution? ….. We know it in every cell of our body.

Our body is an amazing orchestration of trillions of chemical reactions happening every moment. Thousands of organs and systems working 24*7 on our behalf. We experience everything thru body and our body gives us a feedback if we like the experience or not. Its a constant feedback loop.
When your body gives you a feedback for every little thing you experience.
Have you ever wondered, why would your body throw something as big as PAIN on you without any good reason? or even when you have not made any major lifestyle changes?

What if your body is trying to tell you something?

If your body is in pain, it is not trying to hurt you, it is crying out for your attention.
In my over 20 years of experience, studying & experimenting different alternate healing modalities and working with hundreds of people….
I combine best of the practices from the world of psychology, Energy medicine from both eastern and western world.

The thing I know for sure…. PAIN is not a bad thing, its just a feedback from your body, an indication that there is something in your life that is out of whack. It doesn’t serve us if we numb that pain (feedback). This pain energy can be transformed, because most of the times, there is wisdom in those places, there is love and there are solutions, all we need to do is LISTEN and understand.

In fact, the very presence of pain indicates that you are in resistance to your own natural spiritual evolution.