Joy of Co-creation

Tap into the playful and easy side of Getting stuff Done

Do you have a big dream or a project that calls you?
You know you want to do it.
And, there comes procrastination, doubt, confusion etc.

While you always have an option of trying to go at it all alone. This is an invitation to explore deeper into the fun side of work, inspired from my blog article (hard-work is overrated).
Consider this as a 90 days adventure of releasing the effort part of getting stuff done.  Acquiring a new mindset for life. We will be cruising our way into playful inspired action and following is the 7 step Plan of Action:
  1. Pick – The thing you want to focus on, a big dream or a fun project. This could be anything : The only condition is that it should have an emotional pull. The kind of thing that the prospect of it kind of makes you come alive.
    1. Finish that long pending task
    2. Improve your parenting skills
    3. Change you relationship with money
    4. Learn a new skill
    5. Gain clarity on something
    6. Get into action
    7. Discover more Self-love
    8. Strengthen intuition muscle
    9. What is your thing? (you don’t need to decide right now)
  2. Decide – your plan of action
    1. Break it down into baby steps
    2. Make some solid progress or just Crush it!
  3. Share – with us
    1. Your intentions and goals for the week
    2. Offer your wisdom and resources
  4. Receive – Clarity, encouragement and momentum
    1. Tips, suggestions & creative ideas from a bunch of other fine minds
    2. Stay accountable for your actions
  5. Heal – soothe the inner-critic or move any blocks
    1. learn 3 of my best tools for making quick, effective and lasting change
    2. Making a small inner-shift every week can go way far than you can imagine
  6. Move forward:
    1. By doing small workable consistent action in the meantime
    2. With loving support from the group
    3. Safe space to ask unlimited Questions
  7. Celebrate – your wins with like hearted people
    1. Who cherish and sing along, like your own personal cheering squad
    2. Enjoy the comfort of being in this together
Weekly call – 75-90 mins each
  1.     Time: 2 to 2.5 hours a week
  2.     Internet connection: good enough for video call
  3.     Energy: Bring all your enthusiasm and wisdom to the calls
  4.     Money: For all 90 days, one time payment of – US $190 (outside India) or Rs.11,000 (if you are living in India)

Some Salient features:

  1. Also receive my healing workshop to release the Top 5 reasons we resist the ‘easy’ in our lives.
  2. This is a pilot workshop, so heavily discounted. The group healing on the sessions alone is worth $600
  3. Different people working on different kind of projects will broaden everyone’s horizon and inspire to bring more ‘ease’ into other areas of our life as well.
  4.  I have done a lot of group workshops overs last five years, the group support is the least mentioned & most rewarding benefit after the subject at hand.
  5. When you join, worst case – you make little progress on your project and in the best case – you win some like-hearted friends, get more done not just on the project you pick. But, also acquire and  hone in a new refreshing perspective.

Sounds like a plan?
Well, we’re going to start by May 25th 2018
Feel free to let your friends, sisters, cousins know soon, so they can get on board in time.
Due to personal, participatory and highly practical nature of this caravan – Issued in Public interest – Warning: When you are going to commit like this, things will shift and change… so, please refrain yourself from the trouble if you want to retain your fear of change or success.
Write/ text/ call me to book your seat, I will send your way, the link for registration and ‘Welcome on-Board kit’
    Phone no. +919910947243