The art and science

of self healing

Our bodies are brilliant self-healing organisms, given the right kind of support and a relaxed nervous system can heal just about anything.

When we understand that the root cause of our illness is more of emotional, psychological or spiritual rather than bio-chemical… a whole new world of possibilities opens up. Possibility of remission, recovery, reversal or gentle releasing of symptoms.

Self healing is to be able to understand and work with all 5 aspects of self

  1. Physical body [Earth element
  2. Emotions, feelings, energy body [Water element
  3. Thoughts, beliefs, stories, ancestral patterns, point of views [fire element
  4. Identity, Ego, self [Air element
  5. Self, Inner being, SoulĀ  [Ether element


To learn self healing, here are the four most essential elements:

  1. Tools, techniques, processes and more
  2. Principles of healing
  3. Roadmap for healing
  4. Strengthen your intuitive muscle

When you bring your whole self to be a contribution to you… your whole self thrives!