Nobody set the rules, nobody setup the game of good/ bad/ right/ wrong. What you call a karmic payoff or punishment, you think you are being punished for something bad or wrong you did in past, probably past lives – It’s just a reflection of your world view, not a bit more nor a bit less.

You cheat, for whatsoever reason you may want to justify it, you imply that in your world ‘cheating is okay’. In your world as it is reflected back at you, it is just following your directive that ‘cheating is okay’. Hence, you being cheated is also okay.

There is no other, what you do to anyone is what you have done to yourself already. Not because someone sitting in clouds is watching you and taking notes to punish you later. Who can punish you when there is no one ‘other’

There are no others, only reflections… endless reflections!

You are always broadcasting, you are always receiving… endless loops… ever widening rings of being!