1. Live a high stress life
2. Lack joy and enthusiasm in daily routine
3. Don’t feel safe in the world
4. Being a victim, martyr or a doormat
5. The word ‘Power’ feels like a dirty word, or negative associations with power (like Power corrupts!)
6. Would rather stay quiet than to confront and possibly create a conflict
7. Blame yourself for ‘not figuring it out’ or ‘not knowing better’
8. Lifestyle is woven around status, and not around love or comfort
9. Feel that there is no inherent goodness in my life
10. Feel like you don’t have enough money or permission to spend it as you want


In intimate Relationships
1. Believing that someone else has the power to make you feel whole, worthy, happy or alive.
2. You let others decide or speak for you
3. You have a running pattern of ‘I don’t want to hurt others’
4. Repeat unhealthy relationship patterns
5. You feel ‘love hurts’, in other words, people who love you can/ also hurt you
6. Been in some kind of physically or emotionally abusive relationship
7. Feeling unheard, not understood or not valued in relationship
8. Needs of family are more important than your own


With people at large
1. You have friends who drain your energy
2. Too concerned about what people think of you
3. Try to blend in
4. Let people get under your skin
5. Doing things for others out of guilt or shame
6. Say YES when you want to say NO


At work
1. Your job or work is not fulfilling
2. Feel over-worked or under-appreciated
3. Experience politics at work
4. Need to prove your worth
5. Long for taking breaks often
6. Not clear on what you really want in life
7. Don’t feel your dreams are worth pursuing
8. Your dreams feel like impossible to achieve
9. I need permission to follow my dreams


On a physical level
1. You are mostly tired or feel low energy
2. Waking up in the morning is a drag
3. You give in to addictive patterns easily (anything including food, shopping, gossip, sugar, tv or even complaining)
4. Feel depressed or low every now and then
5. A lot of psychosomatic illness stem from lack of personal power, to name a few like – depression, digestive disorders, acidity or heartburn, weight or body image issues, backaches, headaches, allergic reactions and even infections (infections, that occur more than usual or as a pattern), skin conditions, low or high blood pressure etc.