Hard work is the key to success… really? In that case, all hard working people should be successful. And none of the easy going people should be anywhere close to it. Our culture and society values hard-work way more than it deserves. That the way of easy is deemed as inferior and useless. So much so that most of the people don’t want to have it easy. My Top 5 reasons why we resist having it easy are:

  1. Mythological context: Hard work and struggle have been rewarded all through the history. The harder or bigger the challenge, the greater is the protagonist. In the west, this is typically recognized as the Hero’s journey. The bigger monster you slay, the outstanding is the hero. I am not trying to say that there is anything bad with this ideology, just that it is not the complete picture.
  2. Difficult is familiar:  Social conditioning – we see people struggling all around. Struggling to win elections, to make money. News and social media kind of highlights the people cheating their way into amassing great wealth or power. Underlying assumption that it is not easy to amass wealth or power with ease.
  3. Cultural or Family values – work hard for your exams, work hard for the sports, work hard for the competition. We put so much emphasis on the struggle that we started deriving our sense of self-worth and validation from the amount of hard work we are putting in.
  4. Empathetic response – The mirror neurons in our brain make us feel how our loved ones feel. We can literally replicate their emotions in our own body. If I got it easy, my friends might feel bad about them not getting it. So, I have to either match their energy or I tell them that I worked really hard at it. We tend to hold ourselves back for each-other. Which is a very loving but a misguided response that is rooted in lack.
  5. We are mass hypnotized into believing that anything worth achieving will require hard work. Even if we do realize the mass hypnosis, we find it difficult to breakthrough it because we do not have a perspective on why ‘easy’ has its own merits and can be the primary way to go forward.

We resist easy so much that we tend to call easy going people as easy-go-lucky, like they just got lucky or they don’t have any real substance within them. People who get successful easily are also seen as fortunate, like the stars favored them somehow.

The way of the struggle is very masculine or yang perspective of creation or accomplishment. While this is true that hard work has its own reward, it is just half of the truth. There is another way to create, which is a very yin or feminine way to create. This way does not require struggle or hard-work, just a whole lot different mindset. If we pay attention, we can find enough evidence of it from the businessmen who create legendary organizations, artists or musicians who create in the flow.

The feminine archetype energy is deeply connected to her wild side or nature and is most often working from a place of effortless effort. It is neither a struggle, nor hard-work, but a labor of love.

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