The other day, I was talking to a friend

“I want to quit my job”  he said, and I was all ears. “I feel violated, when someone shouts at me”, he continued to talk. And, my healer mind goes… Isn’t that coming from a wound? I started wondering, could it be a perception of being treated unfairly as a child or humiliation his mom faced while he was in the formative state. At least a dozen scenarios ran thru my mind, but I knew if I get to see the *immediate cause (as the chains of cause and effect are endless and traverse in many directions of time & dimensions), it would be a new story and uniquely characterized by the perfection of the moment.

Long after the conversation was over, I still felt a slight need to see what happened back there. I know, I can see, when I still my mind enough. Rather, I reflected… Isn’t everything coming from a wound?

What is not, coming from a wound? Single wound, the wound of separation!